Steve Blevins

Guitarist, Musician, Producer, Engineer and Songwriter was born in the Ypsilanti, MI May 10 1965. Steve's family is based out of Stoney Creek and Jonesborough TN. Growing up in a family of musicians, Steve would be the only one out of many generations to play guitar "on the other side of the road" as they said in the movie crossroads. For many generations his family was bluegrass pickers. Steve went south madly about the Blues and Rock Music, pretty much all of the 60's- 70s and 80's bands like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Doors he became a major SRV fan in 1983. "I'm very much influenced by old Blues artist like Muddy Waters, Freddie King, Buddy Guy and whatever you hear on the satellite blues stations ...That’s me! I love it and it is my passion. Then Blues had a baby and called it Rock and Roll that is my current state of mind and lifestyle mixed with tools I gained touring in Top-40 showbands" 1987: Steve left the mountains and joined his first road band ((The Stangers)) working for East Coast Entertainment, Atlanta Talent and SRO Productions. This allowed another style of music to enter his life that was called TOP-40 and eventually gave him the writing tools that can be heard on his current CD S.A.B | In November. 1989 to 1994, Steve toured the United States and Canada, playing in all the club chain circuits like the famous current version of the chit-lin circuit of the south and east coast beach circuit and nightclubs. The Band's during this time were The Strangers, JJ-Star, Mega Stars, Lover, Lightnin Charlie, Robin Banks and The Vision Band. 1994 Steve left the circuit and landed a house gig in Myrtle Beach playing originals and classic rock covers in a band called the Nightcatz. After one season, Steve returned to Tennessee and began recording demos in his home studio. 1996: Steve joined and fronted 'Soupline Man' a side project created by bassist of Geffen artist 'Jackyl'. Steve's Professional work has landed him on stages all over America and Canada with well over 3000 shows under his belt as a hired gun and as an original artist. 2014: Steve released his first CD “S.A.B | In November” on his own label that is a fresh mix of Rock and Roll, Blues and Funk. Steve wrote,sang and played all of the instruments on the CD. Drums were recorded at Studio 19 in Nashville by Peter Young and the CD was mastered by Ty Tabor of King’s X. Steve is currently supporting his new release in live venues in 2014 and available for opportunities.