FondlyFondly was originally a Chicago-based trio that produced two albums of indie punk in the mid to late 90's. Brian Burkhard, Andy Grzenia, and Dick Simpson were the three original members. They released a self-titled CD - recorded in Brian Deck's basement. . At the time, Brian Deck was a member of the Chicago band, Red Red Meat who later went on to work with bands and artists including Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine, and Califone. The album got great reviews and was named album of the year by James VanOsdal - Host of Q101's local show. The album’s acclaim earned Fondly a recording contract with local label Scratchie Records which was founded by James Iha and D'arcy Wretzky and Adam Schlesinger. Dick Simpson left the band after the release of the first album and was replaced by Tom Shover. They released "F is For" in 1997 - also recorded by Brian Deck.Some tracks were recorded in the famous Idful Studios. Fondly toured the Midwest and East Coast in support of the album but by the following year had stopped playing. Brian Burkhard and Andy Grzenia, who remained close friends, went on to play in other bands. After moving to Los Angeles, Andy joined Artichoke as their bassist for some time. 

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Fondly Dziesma

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